My First Blog Post

Journey to the thousand miles begin with one single step…

This is Midhun Nirmal. I am passionate towards cybersecurity and started this blog which could be helpful for netizens looking for informaton in cybersecurity space. Lets being…

Attackers are now using more sophisticated techniques to target the systems. Individuals, small-scale businesses or large organization, are all being impacted. So, all these firms whether IT or non-IT firms have understood the importance of Cyber Security and focusing on adopting all possible measures to deal with cyber threats.

With the game up for cyber threats and hackers, organizations and their employees should take a step head to deal with them. As we like to connect everything to the internet, this also increases the chances of vulnerabilities, breaches, and flaws.

Gone are the days when passwords were enough to protect the system and its data. We all want to protect our personal and professional data, and thus Cyber Security is what you should know to ensure data protection.

Do not miss to check about my next post….

Published by Midhun

With Knowledge acquired so far in my career, Would like to start a blog and share the knowledge for netizens.

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